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Stop Foreclosure And Save Your Home

Even if your home has gone into foreclosure, it may not be too late to try to save it – but you must act quickly. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy before the sale date can stop or postpone the sale. This may be appropriate in your case if you can make regular monthly mortgage payments to your lender after filing for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, you will repay arrears through the Chapter 13 plan of reorganization.

Under certain circumstances, it may also be possible to “scrape off” the second mortgage against your home through a Chapter 13 reorganization plan. An appraisal would be required, and the value of the home must be less than the amount due on the first mortgage. Let Mark W. Lischwe, P.C., help you evaluate mortgage debt relief options available to you.

Already Experienced Foreclosure? Seek Relief From Further Consequences.

If your home has been lost to foreclosure, you may not be responsible for the balance owed. Various issues and an examination of the facts in your case in light of the anti-deficiency statute may determine whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy or another strategy can bring the relief that you need.

Take advantage of a free consultation with attorney Mark W. Lischwe. He can recommend strategies and topics to discuss with a tax adviser or real estate attorney concerning any possible tax consequences of pursuing a bankruptcy.

Get Free Legal Advice And Debt Relief Guidance

If your home is in foreclosure and has not yet been sold, you are not out of options. Learn about steps to take to save your home from foreclosure. For nearly 40 years, we have been helping people stay in their homes through Chapter 13 reorganization.

Reach out to our law offices online or call 480-491-1000 to schedule a free consultation. Let us evaluate your case and explain what we can do for you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.